Saturday, June 12, 2010

No Bullshit

Hi it's been a good long while since I updated. Now I'm one of those faceless boring working adults driving the economy while kids in school uniforms run around and scream and lower the GDP per capita just by their very existence.

Wait, wait--did I say boring working adults? No, tell me I didn't. The first week was one gauntlet of social events and drinks night after night, wherein a typical working day started with me crawling out of bed at 0600 hrs to get to the office by 0715 hrs, after which I'd have lessons and training sessions all day till 1800 hrs, before going out with bosses and colleagues alike into the town to paint it red, shooting whisky and chomping cigars, and showing em all how we roll. And we roll till about 1 in the morning, so we can all head back home to hit the sack by 0200 hrs, such that the possibility we may be up on our feet again 4 hours later is not negligible.

Now I'm in Hong Kong. I miss the friends I left behind and the old life, but considering the old life was essentially but a primer to reach a subsequent stage such as this, in which a bigger goal and purpose lay, then I guess yeah it'd do all of you some good to move on too, and recognise the reason why we had so much fun, was because we knew we'd never be presented with such an opportunity to ever again. We always told ourselves to make the last semester count, and sure we did. We got the pictures and the videos and the stories to prove it.

Hey Char I love you baby please come over soonest! I need to show you off. ;)