Saturday, February 5, 2011

who moved my money?

so, i've been working for a coupla months now, and i'm sorta wondering where my money went.

a soft estimate for a budget breakdown (post-CPF) looks something like:
18% - parents
29% - alcohol / hanging out (but mostly alcohol)
07% - daily F&B
03% - transport
14% - cash balance at month-end


I was trying to account for the remaining 30% or so, and then i realised i'm squirrelling away all the money into the markets. It's kinda like the silly creatures that bury acorns for the winter, who then forget they have pockets of goodies stashed away underground.

then they die and someone else comes and sneaks all the good stuff away. whut the fack!


i also think that the alcohol attribution should be cut.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jan Fx Performance

Performance (Equity) 2011/01: +6.9%
Performance (Cash) 2011/01: -9.8%