Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm alive, I'm alive

Sitting in an internet cafe in downtown Cologne, Germany, where the Friday night/Saturday dawn droves of drunkards make it unsafe for lone Asians to wander the streets. Trips have been marvelous. It has been the most amazing Easter ever. None of that useless one day off Good Friday nonsense we rejoice over in Singapore, that complete perfunctory scrap of soul-less holiday that the Europeans consider blasphemous not to have three weeks of celebration for.

Cologne is a small city, but so gorgeous at that. At ground level beneath the imposing cathedral the city spans out, littered with churches and churches and ramparts of old fortifications. The Rhine River divides Cologne; a huge, yawning, watery divide that is so wide you could stuff all of Cologne within its depths.

Porsches and Merc'es and BMWs and Audis and Volkswagens strut the streets, a loyal and patriotic show of German pride. Bratwursts pop and crackle on grills, and the clinks of beer bottles tell even the blind that this is Germany.

Nice to be back in Deutscheland.

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