Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hi how's it going sucka?

Some updates; I'm not shutting this blog down just yet even though I'm back in this boring ass part of the world.

1) Work is such an ambivalent pain in the ass, I can't tell which side of my ass hurts more. Look forward to it for the rest of your life, like it or not.

2) It's final year now boys and girls. Have fun now or forever die slowly from regret.

3) Popcorn is recovering tremendously after Nacho's passing, and is becoming friendlier to Char. Popcorn's wheeking and singing a lot these days.

4) Char's always been the love of my life (but sometimes she needs a little reminder) so fuck off you nerds who're trying to step in and make freaky little comments on her Facebook pics. You can't do better than that? Facebook? Come on, eat Popcorn's shit, numbnuts. And you think you've got your weird little chemistry with her? Don't make me torch your hair.

5) A quick portfolio tally told me I've made more than 5 grand year-to-date, meaning my exchange programme in Milan has cost far less than expected. Air ticket for second visit next year perhaps? Join me.

6) I miss the people and the places I've had the privilege to encounter in the earlier half of this year. I've so many photos of you all, I'm gonna be covering part of my room in your ugly faces.

7) Meeting freshmen just slams it right back into my brain that we're all aging. You guys are so young and you've not made your mistakes yet. Such excitement.

8) Economic recovery? Bernanke back for round two? I hope these two come hand-in-hand.

9) I still haven't met up with so many of you assholes.

10) Don't be a fool.

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