Saturday, December 5, 2009

You can't be right always

EUR/USD, 1H, Today

Well! Down 260 pips on the EUR/USD trade I took a long position on. Can't win all the time! Just man up and move on. I'm finally getting the psyche right; I'm not even affected emotionally anymore. And that's another thing; your positions are prone to Friday night delights. Try to stay away on Fridays.

Gonna give this trade a little more time, it's near a pretty strong 1.4800+ support, and the RSI is brutally oversold. Otherwise if things have turned for the worse on Monday I'm getting the fuck outta there.

On a side note, Kenny said to short gold (look at tagboard), and look where it is now? Down more than US$50 per oz. Didn't listen did you? Yeah, I don't hear you laughing either!

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