Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quotes from an Interview

"Well it's simple, if you just don't see yourself driving a Porsche in under 5 years, maybe you're not cut out for this job."

"Have you taken a look around our car park?"

"We're talking about 24 year olds who bring home $360,000 in bonus to their mothers. And you were expecting what, 1/10th of that for a yearly compensation? Give me a break."

"In a good year, salespeople made $6,000,000. We've had salespeople buy themselves a unit in Sentosa Cove, a DB-9, and go for a three week holiday, and still not know what to do with the cash."

"If you're wondering what I'm making now, well, it's safe to say it's not anything less than seven figures. Not including the cents digits, obviously."

"At the end of the day, it's whether you wanna be a BSD. You know, Liar's Poker? BSD? If you wanna be a hotshot, go for it.


If I needed a way to stick it to the guys who think they've got the biggest balls around, maybe I mighta just stumbled upon it.

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