Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Trend Following

The one aspect of my life in which I have submitted to being part of the masses is trading. Trend-following is probably the simplest way there is to passively siphon off cash from some sucker's account into your own. Especially for dim and lazy people like myself.

I'm sold. My deepest drawdown this year was about 50%. I don't know how I managed to claw it way back up to ground zero, before going on to turn a profit, but it happened. Thanks to the euro mess part I in July. Then QE2. Then euro mess part II over these few days.

30-pip moves? Pffft. Get out of town. Let's go for serious 200, 300, 500 pip action.

Btw my bloomberg terminal has been shopping-carted. By next week I'll have 4 screens in front of me force-feeding data into my brain at any minute of a trading day in the office.

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