Friday, January 23, 2009

Get Ready

I have three and a half days left to go in BNP. It has been a pretty okay attachment. That I haven't much to do each day in office is something I can neither complain about nor fault my employers for, because I have had so much free time to read up on things that really interest me, and besides my supervisors themselves haven't seen business volumes this low that they can barely cope trying to appear busy. Some things I learnt here about trade financing and commodities operations I find are very valuable.

Indeed they have imparted to me enough of a view that I may form my own opinion and learn from their technical expertise. I can safely say that some things you need not repeatedly perform ten thousand times before you finally register its gist within your brain. So yes, teach me once, let me try it twice, and I'm good. I've learnt something new. You can have your duty back. Thank you. Which they have done, without thinking to abuse or overwork me, and for that I am appreciative.

I went to apply for my visa today at the Italian embassy. Missed out some important documents so I'm going to have to go back again. But the embassy dude was pretty nice. He was telling me what to do in Milan.

Chinese New Year's here. I've only slightly more than two weeks till I fly.

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