Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Quanto Costa

One of life's FAQs: How much does this cost? In Italian, Quanto costa?

The one defining prompter to soothing the burning curiosity that challenges the extents of materialism. What number of dollars (or Euros or Pounds or Yen or barter chicken legs) do I have to hand over to you, that you may offer in return that which I covet? What measurable quantum of blood, sweat, tears and flying spit do I need to produce before you, that you may present that which I desire?

You can come back to this blog regularly. I will record every single gorgeous detail about my exchange programme to Italy here. Also, my tactics for the most exciting computer game (currency trading) I ever played will be put up here.

I leave for Italy in slightly under a month's time. There will be plenty that I will miss about this place.