Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fortune Told

For her Spanish dog we decided to go visit a Spanish restaurant. Haha your Spanish dog should be proud. Paella and tapas in Barcelona and Madrid were great.

Took a drive through parts of the Formula One circuit. The fences along the roads make sure that spectators are safe and no Final Destination 4 moments occur with debris on the road. Char can't wait for F1!

Met up with the boys since Kong's back in town. Great laughs, great food. It's been 6 years and we're still reliving the same old things just as we do each time we meet up. Incidentally Kong is wearing the exact same thing as he was the last time I saw him in London.

Now, do you know exactly when you're going to get married? When you'll see your cash holdings hit 7 figures? How many kids you'll have? How to avert calamity in your life? Nothing to see here, move along now, sucka.

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