Thursday, November 5, 2009

1 Life

When resources are limitingly finite opportunity cost is at its ass-kicking best. I'm not talking about how many barrels of oil there are left to pump from beneath the Earth's surface or how much corn there is to go around this harvest. They are not that limitingly finite.

When you have only one life, what do you do?

Career applications are such philosophical exercises; you can't even begin to understand what thoughts those behavioural/competency questions stir up in you even when you bullshit about how you're so suited for energy trading or how you're the perfect candidate to be the next generation leader or how you are so focused and single-minded about your desired position yet you use the same old shitty catch phrases for every application diverse as they are.

Today in the office the boss wasn't in, so when the sun went down and all was dark, I reached for his laser pointer, stood by the window, and started pointing at the people on the street for a laugh.

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