Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dovè KFC?

I had a lot of Kentucky Fried Chicken yesterday. I suddenly remembered that there was none of that KFC stuff in Italy. Not a single KFC restaurant. (And less than 40 Burger Kings in the land of paninis) So today I decided to google it. It turns out that, even McDonald's at one point was close to pulling its golden arches out of Italy because all it was doing was opening up loss-making restaurants. If even McDonald's with its sprawling restaurant franchise experience was having a hard time, well, what of other American junk food? And Pizza Hut? Don't even think about it.

Today I also read about the prostitute whom Silvio Berlusconi had a good time with. She wrote an exposè about their affair. She said for a 73 year old man he had amazing stamina. He's also said to be a bigger rock star than even Rod Stewart was in his prime, just by the lifestyle choices he makes.

FC Barcelona smacked the crap out of Inter Milan.

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