Wednesday, March 10, 2010

School Shoes

I love being in school. It's fun hanging out with people you enjoy being around.

Now that I've quit Tommy Chevy's A-team at The Office, I'm gonna have more time to stay in school to study, practice Java, and savour the final moments of the schoolboy days.

p/s I don't like to wear socks, you can see that above. socks, ties and cufflinks are shackles that remind you of your place on the corporate ladder. i only wear all three articles for interviews. cufflinks are redundant. too many kids i see around in school wear these proudly. the ones with the bigger egos even have their names embroidered onto their sleeves. that... i guess is only useful if you go to the laundromat and don't want weirdos taking your shirt away without the security of being able to say 'check the name on that french cuff, hobo, now hand it back.'

1 comment:

  1. IMHO, too many Singaporeans have poor taste in cufflinks - all too loud and looking like they belong on the finger of a taxi driver.

    As for monogrammed cuffs, that is just vulgar. No gentleman worth his salt would ever do that, and no self-respecting tailor would ever accede to such a request!

    Sartorial rant over.