Sunday, July 25, 2010

All Summer Long

Went and got a new camera today. The old one has served me well, but it's showing weakness. Someone told me people celebrate a first paycheck with a self-congratulatory gift (like a bag or a suit or a watch). I guess this is how I embark on the long and swirling path of consumerism--acquisitions, trade-ups, upgrades--that comes with disposable income.

Next week I'm returning to Singapore to officially mark the end of my undergraduate days with a convocation ceremony. Back for a weekend that'll pass too quickly. However it'll be good to go back to school, for old times' sake. More photos (with my spanking new camera) with the gang.

And then...
I have about 5 weeks left in Hong Kong. Quick, huh?

I feel so on top of the news these days. Maybe it's just the job, maybe it's a line my boss said at the end of our last day in the orientation week back in the beginning of June.

"I expect all of you to know the latest news. If I ask you what's going on and you can't tell me, I will fuck you."

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