Friday, July 9, 2010

Guess Who's Back

Internet's finally been set up. So many things have happened in the time I've been gone!

First things first:

  1. Someone told me "six" doesn't rhyme with "dicks". That's just retarded. Rhyming has nothing to do with the ending alphabets being the same. Rhyming is about sound, you moron, and six does rhyme with dicks.
  2. Spain is not going to win the World Cup final. The other PIGS of Europe have been booted out. I don't see why Spain should win, and allow themselves celebrations that would distract them from the more important task of fighting their way out of debt. And stop it with the siestas too.
  3. I drink too much. I have more alcohol than blood plasma coursing through my arteries and veins. My piss is cloudy. I think I'm dying. Time to change my lifestyle.
  4. Char my sweetheart and Bob my buddy came for a visit. It was great fun because sometimes, between having no internet and having nothing to do, I can get bored out of my skull. We visited so many places and shopped a lot.
  5. Work's been fine. I enjoy my work. No complaints in this regard. They do like to stick the idea of money into our faces as a motivation. Notable quote: "The only thing we believe in is. Cold. Hard. CASH."
  6. One of the reasons I got this job, was because my interviewer's assistant was in charge of screening CVs and shortlisting candidates for the interview. She went to Bocconi for a semester. So did I, two years after her. She made the connection when she sifted through the pile of resumes and saw Bocconi on my list of education institutions.

More to come. I've finally got Internet.

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