Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Berlin was crazy! It's a great city! This is the group of us against the Berlin Wall. (L-R Linda, Maggie, Danielle, Tanya, Melissa, me, Andrew)

There were so many things to do. This city goes down in history as one bathed in energy, suffering, intrigue, diversity and kegs upon kegs of glorious German beer.

We saw cars. Mean, cutting-edge, authentically German machines built for speed, power and intimidation.

We saw the sites of unspeakable horrors. Camps and rooms and chambers where you unmistakably feel temperatures drop further to deathly chills despite the winter your body has numbed itself to.

We saw the stuff that sweet dreams are made of. Images you never thought could leap out of the pages of fairy tales. Things that in another place would only be possible with the aid of tequilas and space cakes.

We saw the electic mix of whites and blacks and bratwursts and bockwursts and currywursts and pommes frites and yellows and the result that is the G-8 mainstay known as Deutschland. And if you don't see the reason for the colours of the German flag in the picture below, you're a moron!

Now this is a great candid of Melissa and I, courtesy of Linda. Melissa is my apartment mate and she was the one that made this trip possible.

So, about Melissa:
1) Awesome navigator
2) Atrocious cook
3) Into fingernails
4) Can't differentiate a Ferrari from a bicycle
5) Adores white boys. Tall and long hair please thank you very much.

And finally, without the train network of Germany, we would all probably still be trudging along to the hostel now on foot just to check in, and this entry would not have been written.

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