Friday, February 27, 2009

Venice 21/02/09

Last Saturday I went to Venice on a tour organised by Bocconi's exchange students organisation. Venice is a really nice place; exactly as you would imagine it to be. A quaint, laidback island-village in north Italy, Venezia (apart from being known as a brand of extremely excellent ice-cream back home) is the sinking land of canals, gondolas and the Carnevale.

Here's a good picture of life in the canals of this famed city of bridges.

And the masks were crazy! There were so many costumes, ranging from the elegant to the downright lunatic, and the colours were such a sight to behold.

So many people came in masks. If this were a darker and crazier world, there would be plenty more murders, rapes, and kidnappings in such a gaudy and hauntingly faceless city. Can you imagine encountering this guy in the middle of the night?

I'll be back to Venezia again. A day trip wasn't enough. But before that, Torino, Firenze and Roma.

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