Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Love

Today I'd like you to meet my girlfriend. I know I've put up a picture of her before, but let's have a better introduction. We've been going out for some time and come November this year we'd both be in the third year of a very serious relationship. This is Char, she just had her birthday. I love her very much, I tell her that all the time. But I don't seem to nearly tell that enough to my friends. So this is dedicated to that purpose.

Char possesses many skills. Capable and multi-talented, she is a steady and decisive driver, an excellent master in the kitchen, and a very disciplined and profitable currency trader. Keeper of an enormous family of bunnies and a pair of garrulous cavies, as well as educator and nurturer of a class of preschoolers, you don't know what responsibility is till you've met her.

And if you didn't notice, she is beautiful too. And unlike some people I know, her mind isn't a vacuous hollow! A voracious reader who appreciates her literature as much as a metalhead bangs his head to Iron Maiden, Char knows of books way before they're made into crappy Hollywood movies. (Yeah you lot who only began reading Twilight and falling in love with Edward thanks to the film are such weaklings.)

Here are three pictures of us, one each from 2007 to 2009.

Here's a tip to you, dear reader. Come across someone you think is the best person for you, hold tight and don't let go. You have no one to blame if you let go unwittingly. In which case you deserve all the jeering heartbreak that rains down upon you from the heavens. Unless of course the object of your affection finds someone better, then tough. Life goes on.

Happy Birthday Char. I look forward to you coming over. It'll be an awesome time I promise.

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  1. you two are AMAZINGLY sweet...i don mind going out with you guys and jus helping u two take photos man... wat a wonderful couple!!!

    ROCK ON!!