Sunday, March 15, 2009


Meet Friar Cesare Bonizzi, 62, frontman of Italian heavy metal band Fratello Metallo (Brother Metal). The cowboy hat is cool and everything, but I suppose it's obvious which one is the friar and I don't have to point it out to you explicitly by saying he's the one decked out in those funky monk garbs?

He is a real Capuchin monk from a place near Milan. He loves metal. He says metal is the music that has the most life and energy. He sings about tobacco and alcohol and drugs and sex. But not in the normal metal fashion. He says things like 'man needs sex and sex is good but you must do it the right way' (except in poetic Italian.) His reason for going into metal? Metallica and Megadeth. He attended a Metallica concert 15 years ago and he found enlightenment.

His other bandmates are much younger, but Bonizzi steals the whole show everytime. Who wants to cheer for killer guitar solos and bass grooves when the vocalist is this fat and bearded grampa growling throaty lyrics into the microphone? You just can't help but laugh and rock out along with his band.

I'm going out to an Italian music store one of these days to look for his CD, this is one I have to own. Can't go wrong with a Metallica-Megadeth inspired man of God, right?

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