Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring's Here

Again, at the Duomo. I know, it seems to be all I take pictures of. But that's because each time I see it, I feel like I'm looking at it all over again for the first time and I just enjoy its magnificence. It's also got to do with perfectionism; I feel I have yet to take the perfect shot with the Duomo. And this obviously isn't a perfect shot. It's been cropped. Too many distractors in the original photograph, angling isn't ideal, and the picture framing could be improved. But Canon lenses yield this attractive six-pointed star in reflected light, which is very pretty (click photo to see star).

I know, I know, I'm always in shades. It's because squinty eyes in harsh sunlight and untimely blinking are the bane of every photographer. So I try to eliminate that problem by adopting a solution that serves several purposes -- shades cover the eyes so that as a subject, I can pose for longer with my eyes being able to blink as much as they want, and, increase a subject's (specifically, my) coolness factor, and deliver the possibility of said formation of reflected six-pointed star (you can't have it without the reflective surface of sunglasses!). The only downside though, is that you cannot accurately judge picture coloration when viewing your captured shots.

I'm going to wait for Char and have her model for my photographs. Watch this space in a month's time. We will also be at the Colosseum in Rome. That, I assure you, will be breathtakingly amazing. And what a couple shot that is going to turn out as!

Quick Tips for photo-taking:
1) Frame a subject well
2) Remove distractors by going close to your subject
3) Add depth to photos by juxtaposing sizes, distances and dimensions
4) Work the light beautifully; it's how most photo competitions are won!

Anyway, this weekend was so beautiful, I'm sorry I got carried away with the photography segment. Antonio, Mel and I wanted to make Nutella crepes but Mel finished all the milk with her cereal after complaining about her hunger, and when we wanted to make crepes to solve that hunger, we realised we didn't have milk anymore so to her chagrin we didn't make crepes because the essential ingredient was non-existent by this point.

I also cooked a mean rabbit casserole on Saturday night, before Antonio and his pal Vincent took us out to take a walk around another part of Milan were youngsters hang out.

Today's Business Strategy case discussion was on Harley Davidson. I was in heaven.

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