Thursday, March 26, 2009


Leaving home for Barcelona in less than an hour. I'll have updates for you in a week. And then, Char, Guowei, Daniel, Peter and Willy come over to Milan.

I'm really looking forward to Barcelona; I hear architecture there is amazing. Look up 'Gaudi'. In an alternate universe I believe I could be an architect. I've realised how much I love looking at buildings in this tour of Europe. Of course I wish I could study the buildings from more angles, especially from elevated positions.

Madrid will follow, and it's going to be fantastic. Temperature's going to be so good too, high teens to twenties. How comfortable is that!

One other thing, in Italian, 'gn' is pronounced as 'ni'; 'gl' is pronounced as 'li'. Silent G's. So, don't go saying things like Bo-log-na, it is Bo-lo-nia. And Ferrari's Scaglietti is not how you would pronounced it in English. Silent G, remember!

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