Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today was an awesome day. The weather was nice. In this picture you can even see the snow-capped alps in the distance. Wonderful way to begin a day.

I went exploring because Antonio and Melissa had exams in school and I was free the whole day. This is Bocconi University. It's a nice place.

Then I took a tram down to Duomo by myself because it was too perfect a day to waste sitting around at home Youtubing. Duomo means cathedral. Il Duomo just means The Cathedral. Take a look at this and realise for yourself why it is The Cathedral. It even has Scarlett Johansson as arm candy.

This is the first Italian King, the one who united the nation. This is a pretty good picture of the square. I love this place. I could stand around in the square all day and just admire. Honestly. This picture and that of the Duomo don't do any justice to the magnificence of that which I saw.

Now let me introduce you to Antonio, my apartment mate. Eat your heart out girls. We met on Facebook when I responded to his room-for-rent advertisement. He was the one who first took me down to the Duomo, so I asked him in what I thought was very natural order for the conversation: Are you Catholic?

And this is what he told me: Well not really, though I was baptised. It's just tradition. But realistically, baptism is a great reason to throw a party, that's why all of us are Catholics!

Man, what a great country!

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