Friday, May 15, 2009


My team's business strategy project is, by choice, about Ducati Motor Holdings. If I had to ride, I've always preferred Harley-Davidsons and insanely long-forked choppers, but now I'm thinking my future garage would do well to have at least one of these monsters, if not for the simple tribute that it is to my awesome time in Italy.

The report is due on Monday. Business strategy is such a crock of shit. At least I didn't get stuck with a crappy company, and when I'm surfing around late at night for Ducati models instead of hurrying my ass up to finish the project, I can say it's all done in the altruistic name of research.

But the other companies in the menu provided to us to pick our desired research company from aren't too shabby. If we couldn't get Ducati I won't be depressed if we got a chance to study Fiat, Tod's, or even Juventus Football Club. That's Italy: flashy vehicles, fashion labels, and football.

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