Monday, May 18, 2009

Random your ass

Have you noticed how overused the word 'random' is on Facebook? Go through someone's list of photo albums and see how many times you can see the word 'random'. Can't these people call their albums anything else? It's not random! You had an activity, maybe you made it happen, maybe you planned it, maybe you wandered into it, maybe there's a collective theme to it, but to call a whole album 'random'?

'Random [insert month]'
'Random shots'
'Random people'
'Random shit'

That's stupid. Even if you had an IQ of 8 you could still at least find something more descriptive to name your albums with. Sure, I don't come up with the fanciest names for my albums, I only go by date and city, but that is infinitely more information than an album title like 'Random shit' can furnish you with.

1 comment:

  1. Haha! Right on the money. Your sharp wit is wasted in Commerce. Well, maybe not, you should have your own TV show on Channel Newsasia or something. You could be the Jay Leno of finance (with the car collection too)!