Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gods of Metal 2009, 27 Giugno

The group that brought '80s hair metal to the pinnacle of its extreme glory; the drummer that did Pamela Anderson and had video to prove it; the boys that glamourised sex, drugs and rock n' roll; the tours that had crazed groupies tripping over themselves--This is Motley Crue.

This bad ass band invades Monza, Italy on 27th June for their Gods of Metal 2009 concert. The rest of the line-up isn't particularly exciting (2008's had Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Slayer, Meshuggah and even Yngwie Malmsteen) but since I missed Motley Crue's Fort Canning rock-out in Singapore, now's a good time to catch up with them.

On 27th June, Char lands in Milan for her second visit. I'll pick her up, bring her home, let her rest, and then we'll both go to Monza together to get metallized. Motley Crue plays at 2300 hrs.

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