Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lamborghini @ Sant'Agata Bolognese

Went to the birthplace of Lamborghini in Bologna on Thursday. It's pretty straightforward getting there, so here are the directions:

1) Take a train from wherever you are to Bologna Centrale
2) From Bologna Centrale, walk about 200 m to Stazione Autolinee (bus station)
3) Get to the boarding platform for bus 576
4) About 45 - 50 mins later, alight at Chiesa Frati
5) Another 5 min walk later, Welcome to Lamborghini

The Lamborghini museum is just a walk-in exhibition. Opening hours are 1000 - 1200, and 1430 - 1700. From those time periods alone you probably can guess there isn't a lot to do in the museum. I won't even call it a museum, it's more of a gallery. Bookings are not required for small group visits, but you may choose to have a guide, who will bring you through Lambo's history and take you through the exhibits. Sometimes he even opens the door of a Lambo for you to sit inside for a photo.

Walk in and you won't even find a reception desk. All there is is a fleet of old Lambos. Well-groomed and shined to perfection, these bulls are the old guard that started the legend. From the Miura to the Espada, Lamborghini, you may find it interesting to know, names most of its cars after Spanish bulls. Odd for a proudly Italian carmaker, but a nice piece of trivia to know. Espada is an exception; it is the sword wielded by the bullfighter.

The gallery consists of two floors, and the second floor is probably where all the boys will find cars to get off on. From the Gallardo to the Diablo to the Murcielago (but no Reventon), this is a stable for the untamed beasts that now propel this auto company. Just coming up the stairs alone will make you feel like, I don't know, Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark or somebody, when the cars of the garage greet you.

The whitewashed walls are good for photographs, there are pillars that evoke the identity Lambo wishes to create, and then, like I said, there are the cars. It's all about the cars isn't it?

I'll be back when Char comes again. I'm sure she'd wanna take a look in here. Also a good chance to get a photograph of her here. I'm slightly in preference of Lamborghini over Ferrari now, having heard the back story of the Ferrari founder talking smack to the Lamborghini founder. Plus, my Ferrari photos were all red. The Lambo album looks so much more appealing, with the mix of vibrant hues.

The souvenir store is not an in-your-face tourist trap. I had to ask a staff member where the gift shop was, and he kindly directed me round to another building. It's a small area, stocking items from cufflinks to duffel bags, umbrellas to apparel, and other lifestyle items, such as espresso cups, leather jackets, candle blocks and so on. I got two shirts for Eur 10 a piece, which surprised me, for Char and Dawn.

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  1. I actually had the opportunity of revving the engine of the Murcielago. For a moment, I was Maverick in Top Gun. *cue Top Gun theme*