Sunday, May 31, 2009

Life's a Beach

Just got back from Cinque Terre (Cinque=5; Terre=land), a belt of five little villages linked by a scenic mountain pass and a beautiful coastline.

I didn't make it for the mountain hike that my friends went on because of my accounting exam (and now that I remember, for some reason, in the balance sheet featured in one of the questions, total current assets did not include cash & cash equivalents. How then can you still call that figure total current assets??), so I joined them later. Spent the day at the beach.

The weather wasn't very good, it was overcast and very chilly. You can see the cloud cover from the picture. Going for a dip in the sea was a huge metabolism jolt; just trying to stay alive in the ice cold water burned off a massive amount of calories because the body had to overclock itself to keep warm.

Cinque Terre, despite being a tourist destination, was largely affordable. Hostel was a good rate, food was cheap and good, and fruits and gelato were very reasonably priced.

Now it's time to begin my Business Strategy revision. Reading a case on Tod's and the Italian luxury market. It's enjoyable.

In less than a month Char and I would fly off to Paris!

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